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Parking Directions

Honey Dew Elementary is unique in that we are an all-walking school. Although this is a wonderful characteristic of our school, it can also pose some challenges in traffic flow and more importantly, the safety of our walking families. In order to ensure students are safely exiting the building and vehicle traffic is moving, we have put some regulations in place to make traffic run smoother and efficiently. Please take the time to study the diagram below and familiarize yourself with what is expected in the drop off/pick up area in the front of the school.

Please remember:

  • There is absolutely no parking in front of the entrance nor should the crosswalk be blocked by cars. This is a drop off/pick up area only, so cars should always be moving.
  • Vehicles in the left lane will need to circle back into the parking lot if the student has not been picked up yet. Vehicles in the right lane are permitted to wait there for student pick-up but drivers must remain inside their vehicle.
  • Parking is permitted in the parking lot and on the street along Union Ave.
  • Safety Patrol is out there to keep our students safe. Please follow their directions and direct any complaints/concerns to the office.
  • Students and school buses always have the right of way.
  • Only Kindergarten and first grade students will dismiss out the front door of the building. All others will dismiss out of the north side.
  • If you would like to meet your K/1st grade student at the front of the schools, please park in the parking lot


Safe Walking Routes

Honey Dew Elementary is a walking only school, as families live under one mile away from the school. Please see the map of safe walking routes.

Printable version of Walking Route